Close to the headwaters:  The Raisin River wetland is our backyard.
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Glenbrier: The Legacy  
I often tell people that I'm a third generation dog person.  A second generation for sure, yet some of my earliest memories are from summers spent at our cottage, dozing in front of the fire while listening to my grandfather tell stories about the great hounds he had known and loved... Blue Tick hounds; UKC dogs in those days, which was well before there was general knowledge of the UKC.  So it was not a mistake that my very first dog was a Beagle, smaller and more appropriate for the suburbs then the big hounds.  Her name was Bonnie, more formally known as Stoll's Bonnie Brown Eyes CDX.   
Glenbrier is a family kennel name and has been registered with the AKC since the late 60ís.  My parents were well known breeders of  top winning West Highland White Terriers, and I reached the age of maturity on the upper end of a show lead.   I learned a great deal  from my parents  in those early  years; much about breeding sound, healthy  dogs, and even more about integrity within a breeding program. I probably  learned as much  from the dogs themselves, but most of all I learned to love dogs unconditionally...  all dogs, not just one breed, or well bred dogs, or dogs that win.
While I limit my breeding program to the Golden, you will find an eclectic mix of dogs here.  Strays, rescues, the unloved and unwanted often find a home here at Glenbrier.   Most move on, some do not, but all are welcomed .  All my dogs are house dogs, companions and pets, and a few share that special bond of partnership  through competitive sports.  I would not have it any other way. 
I hope your visit here will be both interesting and informative.   I consider this to be a work in progress, so please feel free to contact me with  any suggestions or questions  you might have.   
Glenbrier Goldens
Celebrating The Versatile Dog



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