Glenbrier Sympathy for the Devil  AX MXJ JH WCX
Silly and sweet, athletic and tough, with a touch of  worrywart added in for good measure, Mick is a study in contradictions.  He is my "big red dog" and he claimed me the moment he was born.  
The first puppy delivered from a litter of 10, Mick made sure I noticed him in a thousand different ways.  He was the first on his feet, the first out of the box,  the first to say hello and the first to make eye contact... and he never let up.  Mick made it clear that he was here to stay and there was never much doubt that he was going to be "my" dog.
Mick is the most gifted athlete I have owned and carries natural muscling that gives him a decided  edge in the performance sports.  His jump style is phenomenal and effortless; he can and does clear my 4 ft fence with room to spare.  Between his jump style and speed  Mick has the potential to be an outstanding agility dog.  However, training and competition in agility is limited to the colder months when field work is difficult. Mick started his competitive agility career in late 2012 is now working at the Master level.  I compete rarely due to other commitments but he always manages to come through for me despite limited training. 

We continue his field work in the warmer months and will hopefully be out running Senior soon. Since Mick has me as his training handicap, his lack of progress can be placed squarely at my feet.



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