The Devine Ms. Em is now 10+ years of age and is well beyond her puppy  raising years.  She has been retired from both motherhood and competition and is living the good life as a treasured pet.  Her daughter Wiccan and granddaughter Journey will carry on her tradition of producing outstanding versatile puppies with equally outstanding looks. 

Emmylou is a Texas girl; bred, born and raised in Crockett, TX on the Blackwell’s Feather Creek Ranch.  I waited a long time for this girl and she is exactly what I was hoping for.  Emmy comes from a blended pedigree, with show lines from her Sire and field lines from her Dam.  Emmy managed to come up with just enough of each parent’s genetic contribution to be pretty, structurally correct and talented in the field.

Emmy is nicely put together and structurally sound.  She carries a medium gold, easy care coat with just enough length to be pretty.  She is on the smaller side of the standard, standing 21 inches at the withers and weighs around 50 lbs.  She carries dark pigment that does not fade in the winter and has a slightly lighter eye.  I would like to see just a little more bone and substance to her, but overall she is very pleasing and is well within the standard.  She obtained her conformation certificate (CCA)  with some very nice scores and comments from all three breeder judges. 

 Emmy easily finished her basic field titles by 18 months of age.  She is a smart, biddable dog who wants to please and tries hard to do what is asked of her.  She tends to have a softer temperament and would most likely not tolerate the rigors of more advanced field work.   However, Emmy easily finished her Novice and Open agilty titles in less then 6 months  following her first litter, and then finished both her excellent titles in very limited showing between two breedings, making her eligible for the coveted versatility certificate  from the Golden Retriever Club of America.  Emmy is a quiet well behaved house dog with a good off switch and is a joy  to live with.




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