Glenbrier's Something Wicked  SH, NA, NAJ, WC, CCA
Triathlon award GRCA National 2015


Never has a dog been so misnamed. One of only two in her litter, Wiccan ruled all as a puppy. She has however, grown to be a lovely girl with a sweet, biddable, forgiving temperament.  Wiccan is another dog that easily showcases the versatility of the golden. She possesses lovely conformation with outstanding muscling and loves field work, excelling at the team work of blinds and handling.  It is in agility however, where this muscle bound girl shows off her power. She apparently thinks those 20 inch jumps are for whimps and routinely over jumps everything, often clearing the top by a foot or more.  This excessive jump style of hers has provided me with ample opportunity to retrain and eliminate that excessive "hang time" in an attempt to gain precious seconds.  Wiccan is a work in progress, but then again so am I.  Luckily we make a pretty good team.



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