The Romantic Olympic Litter
It was all carefully planned.  The litter was due on Feb 14th and would be themed the Romantic litter.  We forgot to consult with mother nature however, and the litter was born a day early; on the opening day of the Vancouver winter olympics...

Owner:  Sandy Gunter
Kobe moved to North Carolina to be Sandy's obedience/rally/agility dog and companion to her Brittanies.  Sandy competes in a lot of non-AKC events and is just now starting to dip her toes into AKC sports. 
Sandy and Kobe were recently named Front and Finish's 3rd place Rally Novice A dog for 2014.  What a team!

Owner:  Al Hogan
 Winchester & his sire, Remington MH
Winchester was destined to be Al's dog right from the start.  All Al wanted from this breeding was another boy just like his beloved Remington and when he picked Winchester, his wishes came true. Winchester showed a natural "birdiness" at a young age, coupled with a calm, biddable temperament.

Winchester rapidly followed in his Sire's large footprints by finishing his Junior  Hunting title, his Senior Hunting title and his WCX this past spring and summer.  We have no doubt that the Master Hunter title will be coming soon.
However what Winchester does best is hunt... just like Remington.

Owner:  Eric and Tina Meerschaert,
       Anna & Michaela
 MeiLi joined the Meerschaert family in Illinois and has become a cherished family member.  She was recently voted "The Best Dog in the Whole Wide World" by Anna and Michaela, a title that she wears proudly.  This is the Meerschart family's first dog and Mom Tina is proving to be a natural at dog training.  Tina and MeiLi will be trying their hand at rally and obedience and are also playing a bit in agility.  We don't know what the future will hold for this member of a very busy family, but know that MeiLi is loved, valued and having a blast! 

Glenbrier Lily's Going for the Gold
Owner:  Diane Brown
Lily and Lincoln enjoying a perfect fall day
Lily moved to Illinois to live with Diane and her Goldenloch cousin, Lincoln.  Lily and Lincoln became fast friends and are now inseparable.  Diane has discoverd the world of dog sports and is tentatively trying her hand at a few things. She started with swimming and bumper retrieving (they really only needed to see the water and then the instincts kicked in) and moved on to dock diving. Now she is trying a little beginning obedience. Who said dogs can't change your life??  Before you know it, Diane will be out there competing with the best of them.
 Owner:  Ryan and Vicki Walsh
Bear and Vincent: The dynamic duo
Vicki was 8 months pregnant and holding when she and Ryan picked up Bear. Vincent arrived 1 month later and the two of them have become a formidable team.  Bear is the perfect dog and Vincent is the perfect boy.  How could life possibly be better?

Owner:  Mary Kuhn
Ceili also stayed here in Michigan where she joined Mary Kuhn and her other golden MACH Caitlin (another great rescue dog). Ceili began formal training for her obedience/rally and agility career right away, and started adding titles in short order.  Ceili has already managed her master agility titles and is working on her MACH. Obedience titles won't be far behind.  This another great partnership to watch.

Owner: Margaret (Meg) Moreland
Meg's dad Joe, gets to borrow Riley for hunting only!
The sign says: Happy Mother's Day EmmyLou
 Love, Riley Grace 
Joe planned hard and waited a long time for this dog.  However, Emmylou did not cooperate with the first litter he was hoping for, so when Riley Grace was born he was delighted.  Joe's request to me was for a dog he could hunt with, and since he lived in Iowa, upland hunting would be the skill required. However, he also wanted a dog for his family, with looks to brag on. Luckily Emmylou and Remington were cooperative in both departments.  However, and unknown to me, there was someone else who had an even greater stake in this breeding.   Joe's daughter Meg wanted nothing more then a puppy and when they brought Riley Grace home the dye was set.
Riley Grace is an outstanding upland dog.  Even as a youngster she proved that the legend of the "golden nose" was more then a legend.  She often out hunts the GSP (German Short Haired Pointer) in those open Iowa fields, and Joe is proud to walk behind her.  However, when Riley Grace is home, she is Meg's dog.  Really, isn't that what owning a Golden is all about?

Owner: Gino Dagastino

           "you must have been a beautiful baby"...
There is irony in breeding dogs and you don't need to look hard to find it.  I'm clear with everyone - I don't breed for the show ring... but here he was, a show dog potential.  My friend who is a well respected breeder/judge evaluated this litter at 8 weeks and thought hmmm... what's this?? A possible show dog??  Nice head, lovely expression, level back with good angulation front and rear, seemed OK moving. Now what??  Well, actually the 'now what' was easy.  Cesear went home with Gino who wanted a hunting dog.   There is nothing wrong with owning a hunting dog who also happens to be drop dead georgeous.  I didn't even tell Gino.
Caesar has been through basic training at he Huntsman club here in MI and has become his owners constant companion both in the field and at home. 
 Owner: Colin Duckett

 Sadie moved to Ann Arbor where she is the family dog of Colin Duckett and his two children.  Since Colin travels frequently, Sadie often comes here to visit. Sadie is a lovely girl with a sweet temperament and tons of working ability - she loves birds, (and water) but well, she's a family dog and I'm pretty sure she adores her children just as much as those quail. 
Colin calls Sadie the glue that holds the family together



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