spring/summer 20000  - 3/09/2015

Tango left me as all dogs eventually will, on March 9th 2015. He was most likely close to 15 years of age. He took with him large chunks of my heart, but he left with me some of the best memories of my life. 

At the great age of 14 years plus, Tango managed to pull off a Triathlon qualification at the Golden Retriever National of 2014.  Frankly, he was in his glory as he walked me once again to the line for his birds and he reveled in the attention he received as the oldest dog there.

At the time of his death Tango remained the only rescue to obtain a VCX .
He is now also both the oldest dog and the only rescue to obtain a Triathlon certificate.

I know one day my heart will heal ....
Loss Haiku
Time does not heal pain:
Years later we can be knocked
Down and sucked under
But time does smooth and
Round the jagged edges, stones
In our stream of tears.

..............................Suzanne Bria (Author)

HR Glenbrier a Chance to Tango CD, RA, SH, MX, MXJ, OF, OAP, OJP, NFP, WCX, CCA, VCX

Breeder: Unknown
Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

In the world of pure bred dog sports, where parentage and pedigree are often the determining factors in purchasing a new puppy, the word “unknown” carries special significance.  Tango was a stray; lost and abandoned, down on his luck and running out of time in a shelter that paid their bills by selling animals for research.  With 24 hours on the clock, Tango came to the attention of my friend Betty Drobac who pulled him into rescue.  Those who work in rescue know that there are always too many dogs, never enough time, too little money, and never, ever enough foster homes to keep pace with the need.  Under protest I agreed to take Tango for “just one week”.

The decision at the time was a small one.  Tango was just one more dog in a home filled with dogs, and chaos, and more rescues.  Another small decision was made when another  foster home was found, but rather then send off this young, wild adolescent I chose to send another, quieter dog who would be easier to place, and so Tango stayed for a few more weeks and the decisions began to build.  There was the decision to take Tango to a club field training day where I watched him figure out the game with each successive throw.  Then there was the decision to put him in an agility class “just for fun”, the decision to let him sleep on the bed, and the decision when a family who wanted him wasn’t “quite” good enough.  It was official within three months, Tango was here to stay and we never looked back.

At the time my training experience was limited to some minor obedience titles and Tango turned out to be a far better dog then I was a trainer. So,with Tango in the lead and me struggling to keep up, we began a journey that lasted a life time.   I regret that I was unable to take him as far as I imagine he could have gone with a more skilled trainer. Then again, I suspect that Tango really never cared.




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