Witches, Devils and Magic
RA, AX, AXJ, OF, CCA PR1, PK1, CL1-R ,CL1-S CL1-F, CL1-H
 Owner:  Myra and Joe Globuschutz


 Keagan joined the Globuschutz family of Myra and Joe and their two teenage boys here in Michigan.  Keagan is an outstanding hunter and retriever with natural pin point marking skills.  He is currently competing in agility and dock diving and is starting in rally and obedience.  Keagan excels at playing sports with "his" boys and does an outstanding job of keeping the whole family on their toes while they struggle to keep up with this active, gifted dog.

(aka: the little red rocket)
  Owner:  Becky & Eric Spencer
Ruby is hanging out with Eric and Becky Spencer and knocking the socks off her competitors in the agility ring. This girl is fast, agile and has the same phenomenal jumping ability as the rest of her litter mates.  Ruby also competes in dock diving when time permits.  Becky has recently started to train Ruby in rally and obedience, and is planning to start competing later this year.

***  News Flash***
Ruby is the 2012 #2 ranked USDAA agility dog in the 26 inch jump division for the Standard Course.  She is the ONLY golden listed in the top 10... surrounded by a sea of Border Collies.  What a team!

Owner:  Brad and Kacy Hassack
 Crosby moved to Austin Texas to be a family dog/hunting dog for Brad and Kacy Hassack.  When Crosby is hanging with Kacy she is a cosmopolitan girl who does Starbucks and wine tasting with the best of them.  When she is with Brad she morphs into "duck dog superstar".  Crosby's true love is hunting and retrieving, but shhh... don't tell Kacy.   Trained through her basics by Dave Mormon in Dime Box Texas, Crosby has one SH pass to her name, but then... well, life got in the way.
Two years ago the Hassack family added Turner Caroline to their family and in true golden fashion, the two girls quickly became fast friends.  Crosby continues with her hunting expeditions, but trialing is on the back burner.

Owner:  Mark and Linda Evans
 Lily moved in with Linda and Mark Evans here in Michigan and is working with Linda in Obedience and Rally.  Lily quickly finished all her Rally titles and added a CD in quick order, then added a CDX following her first litter (see the New Years litter)  Lily is a very stylish worker who is a lot of fun to watch.    
In addition, Linda recently started training in agility and Lily quickly showed the same aptitude for this sport as the other puppies from this breeding.  Watch for this girl to be out in the agility ring soon, competing against her brothers and sister. 

Owner:  Deb Stoll 
Mick stayed here with me and completed basic field training with John and Nancy Miner of Hightimes Kennel.  Mick will be out completing his Senior Hunt tests next spring and will continue with his agility career as time permits.  You can read more about Mick on his personal page.

Owner:  Ben Hidalgo

Hunter moved to the Dallas Texas area to become an upland hunter and duck dog for his owner Ben.  As you can see from the picture, Hunter lives up to his name.



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